Behind the dream, a man.
Behind the man, a visionary woman.

« I have always been surrounded by fascinating and beautiful women. As a young child, my eyes would sparkle whenever I would watch a fashion show… »
A visionary woman with eyes wide open and a sharp taste for fashion, decided that Doha women deserve more.
« I continuously felt the lack of high end hair care and makeup, I came up with this concept and this team of experienced knowledgeable people from Paris Fashion weeks to elevate the level of beauty and fashion in Doha. »

More attention, more experience, more beauty.
Sometimes destiny works well.
And an unexpected encounter can be special and change your life.

Straight from Paris, David Martinez is one of the most recognized fashion hairdresser in today’s fashion industry.
After 15 years in the business, Martinez has built a trusted relationship with important figures of international fashion industry. From international fashion magazines (Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Vanity Fair) to biggest fashion shows (Dior, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, Chloe…). David has always worked at highest technical level. His magical scissors and his infallible eye that have made him a renowned hair expert, bringing him a selected customer range of fashion editors, models, french and international actresses.

Every client is treated like a gem and every haircut is David’s contribution towards making each client look, and feel, her personal best.

So get you chance….

Discover more of David Martinez work on david-martinez.fr